No, this is not chicken stock.


How is it possible that this fluid was in a cavity in my body below my right lung? This is what was making it hard to breathe because my lung couldn’t fully expand because the fluid was in the way. The nurse said this is the most fluid she has seen taken from that area. Great….

How is it possible that this much fluid could build up in just 2 weeks? 2 weeks ago yesterday I had about the same amount drained from the same place.

2 WEEKS!!!!


Is this going to be part of my new routine? Every two weeks I go in and have a COVID test and have this drained? I hope not.

I am thankful that the only part of the procedure that is painful is the lidocaine used to numb the area. (I wonder if I can put on some numbing cream before I go next time. I’ll have to ask about that!) I am thankful that Tom was able to be there with me the entire time. The nurses were great. They were able to access my port so I wasn’t poked a bunch of times like I was for the MRI the night before. (The MRI experience was not great. The technician was very quick and rough and when you have an IV in your hand, having someone move things quickly and haphazardly, is kind of scary!)

The preliminary test results are back from the fluid they drained, and are similar to last time. They don’t mean much to us, so we’ll see what Dr. Leung says at my telehealth appt. on Monday.

I’m very depressed today (Saturday)….thinking too much about the future and that Mom and Dad leave tomorrow. I took an anti-anxiety pill and that helped. I’m no longer in tears constantly. It makes me tired though, so I’m off to take a nap. More later…..

My nap was great. We enjoyed dinner as a family and played spoons, which is one of our favorite games to play together. Now the night is winding down and I’m getting ready to head to bed.

As you pray for our family, here’s what’s going on this week:

  • Monday at 10:20 – Telehealth appt. with Dr. Leung to go over the MRI and Thoracentesis (draining fluid from around my lung).
  • Monday – family photos taken! Hooray for updated photos! I’m so excited!
  • Wednesday – relaxing facial and light stress massage with Christina – taking a little time to pamper myself
  • Tom has to go up to Seattle a few times this week, so please pray for his safety and for the girls and I as we stay home and do school.

It’s a much easier week than last week, at least as of now. We’ll see what changes after we get test results back.

Thank you for continuing to help with meals. There are a few spots left for November if you are interested in helping.

One last thing….many of you have asked how you can help, and I usually do not have an answer. Well, I thought of something. Sage is turning 16 in a few weeks and is getting close to taking her driving test. She needs to practice a little bit more behind the wheel. If you know her and would be willing to take her (in our car) our for a drive one evening, will you let me know? This isn’t something that everyone can help with, but if you know her and know she is comfortable with you, we could use some help with this. Thanks friends!

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