Good news – the spots on my kidney appear to be cysts and not cancer at this time. The doctor would not say he’s 100% sure they are not cancer, but that they do not appear to be cancerous at this time. For now, that’s good news, so I’ll take it.

The other news I guess is good in some way. The fluid that keeps building up near my lung does have cancer cells in it. That’s good news because that we don’t have figure out what else is wrong and causing the fluid build up. It’s still just cancer causing problems. Hooray??

We asked Dr. Leung what we do about this fluid that keeps building up. He said we treat it with chemo and as the chemo works, the amount of fluid should slow down. Tom pointed out that it’s like a test. We’ll know the chemo is working if the fluid buildup slows down,

We are all concerned because no chemo has worked this past year. Because of that, I asked the logical question, “What do we do if the fluid keeps coming back again and again and again?” He said that we just keep draining it. If it has to be drained more than once a week, I’ll have to have a catheter put in that will either drain constantly (kind of like the drain I had after my mastectomy which I loved (not)), or one that is capped off and then drained every few days. It sounds gross, either way, but I’m glad we asked so we know what the next steps are, should we need them.

I had to take an anti-anxiety pill yesterday because there was too much to handle at the moment. That helped, as did a good night sleep. Sometimes humor helps as well. So since the fluid looks like chicken stock, and I’m not a chicken, I’ve decided to call it human stock. Lol. I have to try to laugh at something.

So last Friday I had 1 liter of human stock drained. Let me know if you want me to save you some next time to make some cannibal soup. Oh wait….it appears that it’s illegal to do that. Nevermind. Gag…ugh……nasty….are you laughing or crying yet?

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