Great News…I’m in Menopause

Haha!  Who ever thought I would say that!  But it appears that chemo has put me into menopause.  I spoke with my OB this morning and while she sees no need to rush into surgery, she did say that the cancer I have often spreads to the ovaries and it might be a good preventative move to remove them.  We’ll see what the oncologist recommends.  I’m waiting to hear back from him to see if he agrees with my new menopausal status and decision to hold off on surgery.

UPDATE: The oncologist is concerned that the ovaries might wake up and the menopause might not be permanent. So we have the choice to just sit back and test my hormone level every six weeks and hope for the best, or just take them out and not worry about it. If they wake up, there is also a chance of pregnancy, so the surgery would obviously take care of that as well. At the end of my long conversation with him, I asked him if it was his wife in this situation what he would recommend, and he said surgery. I think we will probably lean towards that, just to have one less thing to worry about. We’ll sleep on it, pray about it, and talk some more, but that’s where we are at right now.


Good News on Good Friday

I slept well last night and was at peace as we walked into the doctor’s office.  (Although I did tear up as Tom and I prayed before we went into the office.)  Thank you to everyone who was praying for this!

Talking with the Dr. this morning, he asked how I was doing.  I told him about my cough that’s annoying and won’t go away.  His response after listening to me breathe was, “I don’t think we need to treat it with antibiotics since your lungs didn’t show an infection and since your scan was good.”

“Wait.  It was good?  How good is good?”

“As good as we could have hoped for.”

Sigh of relief!  Praise God!


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