Port Surgery

It’s about 12:45 and I’m already home from having the port put in today.

Tom and I were up about 5:30am and he skipped out to Starbucks to enjoy his coffee so the smell would not torture me since I couldn’t have any!

We had a 7 am check-in time, so my sweet friend Amy sacrificed some sleep to be at our home at 6:15 and help get the girls up and ready for school.  That’s early!!  We prayed together, chatted about the morning and then Tom and I headed out.

During registration, a man came up to us and asked us if we were S’s parents.  (Protecting the privacy of our girls on here.  He obviously used her name.)  Once he said that, I recognized him in his scrubs.  James (who has 2 girls that are friends with our 10 year old,) works there and it was nice to see someone familiar, even though we have only met a couple times.  He went into the surgical prep area ahead of us and told everyone he knew us and to take good care of me.  So funny.  Even the surgeon mentioned him!