Has Anyone Seen My Energy?

It’s Friday evening and I’m still waiting to feel like I’m done with chemo.  🙂  I’m not complaining (at least not much), just stating the facts.

Each day gets a little better.  This morning was the first morning since Monday I was up and dressed in the morning.  I guess that’s progress.  I spent the morning working on a website for Tom’s restaurant group, which allowed me to sit on the couch.  Tonight we have a fun family movie night planned, which will again, allow me to sit down.  I’m up doing something, get tired really fast, and then am back down.  But at least I can do a little around the house!

I guess I thought my energy would come back faster.  But as Tom pointed out, not only did I not get chemo on Wed., I also did not get all the pre-meds (including the steroid which usually gives me a boost of energy).


The Difference Between Tired and Fatigue

Well, it’s day 3 of my new meds and I’m feeling pretty good.  It’s nice to not feel nauseous or take nausea medicine with this new drug. 🙂  As of now, I don’t feel sick, I am just fatigued.  I used to say tired, which is what I would describe from the last meds I was on, but this is different.  Right now it feels like work just to sit up on the bed.  I’m not complaining.  I’ll take this over having my skin hurt all over like this time two weeks ago.  It’s just a strange feeling.  Even typing is hard work. 🙂  Guess that means this will be a short post!

Last night I was feeling good enough to go to hear the girls sing at church and also to hear our 11 year old’s honor choir concert at school.  Yay!  I’m so glad I didn’t miss those!


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