So apparently DIM (diindolylmethane) doesn’t help my bone pain AND it makes the entire upper part of my body itch. That’s been fun!

Last night, between the bone pain and the itching I thought I was loosing my mind. As I was standing in the shower at 3 am, trying to get some relief, I was crying, praying and trying to decide whether or not to wake Tom up because I was just miserable.

The most frustrating part was knowing that today is Father’s Day and I didn’t want to be so tired and miserable that I ruined the day for our family.

As I started off my day with the Lord and my coffee, my prayer was that I would be able to stay awake during the sermon 🙂 and that I would not be so tired that I couldn’t function during the day as we spent time together as a family celebrating Tom.

I made the hard decision to take Tramadol so I could get though the day. I hate taking it, but it does help with the pain. It’s 2:40 pm right now and I’m so thankful that I was wide awake during church 🙂 and even got to snuggle with babies during Sunday School. I had a few people check in on me while at church, and 2 wonderful ladies pray with me in the bathroom.

I’ve already left a message for the Dr. and have my calendar clear tomorrow to drive up to Ballard for an infusion. If that doesn’t help, I’m going to take a break from the pill and pray the bone pain goes away quickly so I don’t have to deal with it on vacation.

Please pray I can sleep tonight so I can make the drive up to Ballard safely tomorrow, and I would love for the appointment to be early enough in the day so I can be home by the time the girls get off the bus (3 pm). Please pray that if it’s the Lord’s will that the infusion would help with the bone pain. If not, please pray for my attitude and for strength to get through the last 4 very crazy and busy days of school. Thanks everyone.

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