Yesterday, I switched to a different treatment room, where they are just targeting the two scars from my mastectomy and reconstructive surgeries.  I call it the room the Spa Treatment Room…little did I know for the past 6 weeks, that the room just next to me had a large screen TV with calming pictures on it and relaxing music playing in the background.  WHAT????


This is a much different view than I’ve had for the past 6 weeks!

Of course, this morning I went in and Johnny Cash was playing and “Track 11” was flashing on the screen.  So maybe it’s only the spa room some days.  I guess I will wait and see.  🙂

My collar bone is pretty uncomfortable as it’s the reddest part of my radiation tan/burn.  It’s tolerable, but I do look forward to that healing, hopefully in the near future.  The itching hasn’t gotten any worse, so I’m sticking with the hydrocortisone when I need it.  I’m pretty tired today, but not sure if it’s fatigue, a side effect from my infusion yesterday, or just not sleeping well last night.  Whatever the case, I’m not very motivated to do much today.  🙂

Sarah (who flew up on Tuesday to hang out with us for 5 days – YAY!!) went with me to radiation and to my bone strengthening infusion yesterday.  It went fine and I took Claritin yesterday and today and have started Tylenol and Ibuprofen in hopes of not having side effects 36 hours after like I did last time.  I’ll keep you posted…

Port accessed and waiting on blood tests before starting the infusion on Wednesday

Port accessed and waiting on blood tests before starting the infusion on Wednesday.  You can see a bit of my radiation tan on the left side of my chest too.

In other news, if you’re not on FB, you missed the great news about my souvenir on Tuesday, the last day of treatment on the first machine.

FB caption

As you pray for our family, will you please pray specifically that the side effects from my infusion are very minimal, if any.  Also, that I will continue to have the strength to finish up radiation.  Only 6 more treatments, but that still seems like SO LONG!!!!  Thanks friends!

UPDATE – 6 pm – Even though I’ve been taking Tylenol and Ibuprofen all day, I’m staring to feel achy. 🙁