Lord, thank you for allowing me to live another year…another year with Tom, our parents, the girls and friends.  Thank you for another year of life!

Thank you for salvation, forgiveness and grace.

Thank you for your Word and the encouragement it brings in difficult times.

Thank you for Tom and his dedication to You and to our family.

Thank you for our parents and the wonderful example they have set for us all of our lives.

Thank you for three daughters who love me.

Thank you for friends who point me toward the Lord, and who are encouraging and supportive.

Thank you that I am feeling good and that the side effects from chemo are manageable.

Thank you for the energy to get up and do a few things.

Thank you for a smooth start to remote learning for the girls. 

Thank you for allowing the girls to do school from home so I can spend more time with them.

Thank you for allowing Tom to work from home so we can have more time together.

Thank you for the paychecks that pay our bills, allow us to buy what we need and go on vacation.

Thank you for good medical insurance so that my medical bills don’t overwhelm us financially.

Thank you that Mom, Dad and Alyssa are coming up in October to spend time with us.

Thank you that we can go to CA for Christmas to spend time with family.

Thank you for the beautiful home you have provided for us.

Thank you for answering, “YES” when I asked to still have hair on my birthday.

So much to be thankful for…