well I’m on day 11 of the new pill, and so far no side effects at all. I am very thankful for that. Please keep praying with us that it will continue that way if it’s the Lord’s will.

I’m still working with my physical therapist and exercise specialist and that is going really well. The more we work with my shoulder, the more I realize how much surgery and radiation truly did to that part of my body. Yesterday, Kalen, my awesome physical therapist, tweaked one of the exercises I was doing that was really difficult by adding a resistance band, and that little bit of resistance caused my shoulder to actually function normally for the first time in as long as I can remember. That was really exciting, as it gave us both hope that the problem can be resolved. Everyone in the office probably heard how excited we were, as this was a pretty big deal. LOL.

When you see medical professionals on a regular basis, they truly become like family, as you get to know them and if they get to know you. I probably mentioned that before about the radiation therapists, my doctors, and the nursees in the infusion center. I would have loved to get to know them for a different reason. But unfortunately that is not the case. I am so thankful for them, and their hearts that care so much about their patients. Valley Medical has been such a blessing to me the past four years.

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