I am still awaiting answers on the biopsy, but I did hear from radiation today and will be going to radiation practice 🙂 tomorrow at 1:45.

I also have an appointment at 10 up in Ballard (ugh) with my Nautropath to begin to talk about how to best get my body ready for treatment and what we can do to ease the side effects as much as possible.

Thank you to everyone who has offered to set up meal trains and bring us meals. It probably seems strange to most people that we turn them down. Cooking is therapeutic for Tom and he doesn’t get to cook often at work anymore. It’s something he enjoys and can do easily.

The past couple Saturdays he’s gone to the store in the morning and by 10 am has 5 complete meals prepped, labeled and ready to freeze for the week. (This would take an entire day for me to do and he does it in just a couple hours.) Then when we need dinner, I take a meal out of the freezer around 4pm, place it in water, turn on the immersion circulator with my phone (BEST INVENTION EVER) and dinner is hot and ready when we want it.

This is one of the freezers in the garage – full of ready to heat meals – all organized and labeled with masking tape and sharpie, of course
This is the outside door of the freezer with the inventory of what is inside – ready to be crossed out when used.
This cambro and immersion circulator now sit on our counter (which is very unlike me to leave something out on the counter all the time – but since we use it every day now, there it sits).

This is why we don’t need meals. But THANK YOU so much for all the offers. It means a lot to us. 🙂

And for those of you who like to cook, read this, and then order one off Amazon or ask for it for Christmas. Seriously. BEST INVENTION EVER. And if it seems like I’m trying to see you something, I am. It’s that good.

In other news….more craziness continues…2 kids home from school sick today, including one trip to urgent care. Tom has a pinched nerve in his shoulder which was making it painful to even use a mouse…thankful the meds, massage and chiro are slowly starting to help. Sleep continues to be painful for me. I’m emotionally drained fr om everything and I’m exhausted. I need a vacation. (Actually, I need all 3 of our kids to be healthy enough to go to school. Then my house can feel like a vacation home – that would be the best thing right now.)

Thank you for continuing to pray with us. Tonight, will you pray specifically for the health of Tom and the girls and that we would all be able to get a good night sleep and get out the door to do the things we need to in the morning? Please pray I will not wake at 2:30 am (on the dot!!! Why is that??????) in pain. Also, please pray for my two appointments tomorrow, especially for wisdom as we look into how to help my body with side effects. Thanks friends!