I have not taken a regular shower since the 19th of November, when they put in my pleurx catheter, so we could drain the fluid from around my lung at home. I have taken partial showers and wiped off with rags and wipes, but I really miss being able to take a regular shower.

We tried Saran Wrap with different tapes but water still managed to get in even when I didn’t spray the shower head anywhere near that area. We found a few possible options on Amazon, but they were over priced for the size I need, and didn’t have very good reviews, so I never bought them.

Last week I had to order some replacement bottles to drain with, and the pharmacist help me find some large patches to put over the catheter that will hopefully keep water off of it.

The problem is, now I am scared to take a shower. I have not had any trouble with my pleurX catheter and it’s not uncomfortable at all. I’m worried about it getting wet even with a shower guard on it. So I’m sitting here in my recliner trying to talk myself into getting in the shower. Pretty stupid, I know.

Well it’s 5:15 p.m. and I successfully took a shower. It was so nice. The Shower Shield works good. Next time I’ll ask for help from Tom because it did peel off some of the plastic covering of my catheter when I was taking it off.

One concerning thing that happened today was a huge change in my neuropathy. My left toes have been numb off and on as well as parts of my left leg. Just this afternoon, the toes on both feet are numb as well as the bottom of my feet and both legs are partly numb all the way up to my hips. My right hand is partly numb as well.

I’m concerned that it that came on so quickly. I messaged the doctor and he called back just a few minutes ago. He said it could be from the chemo or it could be from a nerve being pinched in my back. But since it’s in my right hand and not just my legs, he’s thinking it’s more likely from the chemo. He’s going to lower the dose of my chemo the next time to see if that makes a difference.

For now, will you please pray that it doesn’t get worse and affect my mobility? And thank the Lord for leading me to a solution so I can take a shower.


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