Very quick update tonight because I’m so tired. I couldn’t make myself open my eyes and stay awake this morning. At 9:30, I really struggled, as I had no choice but to get ready and go to chemo.

I told my nurse Toni, that I was really hurting from being bloated all the time. I told her I looked and felt pregnant and like I was out of space inside for the baby.

She saw Dr. Leung in the hallway and he came in and I told him the same thing. I told him I knew it sounded strange, but it was the only other thing in my life that I could compare it to. He felt around my abdomen and it felt ok. The last part he felt, that really hurts, is the rib right under my breasts…worse on the side under the foob (fake boob).

I also told him my back pain had been pretty bad this past week and I’ve had to take more pain pills recently.

He thought for quite a while and has decided to do a scan early. He said with IV Chemo we can see if it’s working more quickly than with pill chemo.

I will call on Wed. to get that CT scheduled for next week.

This post took me about 30 minutes to write because I am so tired. Please forgive any mistakes.