My Facebook memory this morning was a picture of my first morning of radiation last year.  I am so thankful that I don’t have to do that EVERY DAY this summer.

A year later, you would never know I had radiation, with the exception of the 3 little dot tattoos that I will have forever.  (Although I only grow hair in about half of my left arm pit, thanks to the radiation.  I know…probably too much information, but I find it funny.  You’re welcome for that little bit of personal information.)

So instead of driving to radiation, I woke the kids up (our 3 and 1 friend) and took our oldest to an orthodontist appointment.  She got her expander out and her mouth is much happier!!

We get to enjoy a lazy day today around the house.  Currently the girls are trying not to freak themselves out with a phone and a virtual reality device.  It’s pretty funny to listen to from the other room.  Haha…ah summer.

The girls have money burning a hole in their pocket, so I think a trip to Starbucks and McDonalds is in the plans for this afternoon.  Then swim lessons and VBS.

That sounds much more fun than radiation, don’t you agree?


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