Both appointments went well today. I have a plan to help combat possible side effects for the course of treatment we are leaning towards. Still have to make that final decision after the biopsy results though.

I ran into my oncologist in the hospital today while visiting someone from church. 🙂 Got to chat with him for a few minutes. Once we have the biopsy results, we’ll let him know which course of treatment we want to go with and then he’ll get it ordered. He says it takes about 2 weeks to get insurance approval and to get it shipped to me, but that we wouldn’t start it during radiation anyways. So that works out well.

Radiation “practice” went fine. Radiation will be at 11 am for the next 10 weekdays (Wed. October 22nd – Tuesday Nov,. 5th). It should be quick, with a 30 minute drive on each side of it. I’m trying to clear my schedule as much as possible for those 2 weeks…but we have 3 kids. (Insert laughing emoji here.)

Please pray that we will get the biopsy results soon so we can finalize a treatment plan. And please pray for strength for me during the next couple weeks as I head up to Valley for radiation. It’s very nice to walk in and see familiar faces (and a familiar machine). I’m thankful for that. It makes it much easier. 🙂

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