I’ve said before that radiation is the gift that keeps on giving…it works for a long time in your body after you are done going in for treatment. The radiation I had done in early February, made me loose some of the hair on the back of my head. It’s easier to show it with pictures.

This is from my hair cut on our cruise – February 16th. I had finished radiation about a week before this. If you look closely, you can see a hair line at the bottom where my hair used to be. There was a little peach fuzz, so we just shaved it shorter so it would grow back in evenly.
This was my hair this morning with no cut (thanks to COVID 19) since February. The back was getting long and curling up. Look at the next picture to see what was under this growth…
First, notice that my hair is long enough to pin up with a clip! It hasn’t been this long since 2015! Look at the new growth underneath. It’s very clear where my radiation was and it’s no wonder my throat on the other side of that hurt so much!
I decided to continue with the pixie cut, even though the bottom is very thin. Hopefully it will keep growing and will grow quickly.

My friend Donna has a salon at her house just off her garage. I am so thankful that in phase 1.5 she was able to open today. Not only did I get a hair cut, but I got to catch up with a friend! Hooray! I love doing normal things!

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