Sunday morning, a quiet house, reading about the 4th day of creation, feeling rested from a good night sleep, I still have my hair . . . just a few things to be thankful for this morning. 🙂

Last night was my hardest night yet.  My skin was so sensitive to the touch it was just uncomfortable.  I fell asleep early and woke up around 10 pm feeling nauseous.  Although I’ll be honest, I think it might have been from eating too much at dinner and then napping.  (Can I blame that on Tom’s cooking?  He made a mini Thanksgiving and it’s REALLY hard for me to pass up mashed potatoes!!)

I took a Zofran and sucked on a hard candy and felt better after about a half an hour.  We slept well and I was up at 5.  It’s hard to sleep longer when you nap during the day!  I seem to feel the worst after waking up from a nap (whether during the day or from 8-10 pm at night).  I have always felt horrible after naps.  Not quite sure what to do about that when I’m so exhausted.  Guess we’ll figure that out.

I was feeling pretty weak when I first woke up so we had our church as a family this morning. I love singing with my family and hearing my husband play the piano.  Oh, and I only teared up a few times.   Just beware, if you come visit me and we’ve sung together at some point, I’ll probably drag you (and Tom) to the piano to sing.  (Now watch, people won’t want to come visit because they’ll be afraid I will make them sing – Haha!!)

My energy came back and for the rest of the day (well it’s only 4:18 right now) and I’ve been up and about, doing little things as I can.  I sit down to rest when I need to and I don’t feel like I’ve done a lot, but at least I’m feeling like part of the family and not missing the kids (and Tom) carve pumpkins this afternoon.  I really feel pretty good.

Tomorrow will be a marathon (aka regular) work day for Tom.  Please pray that it’s a productive day for him and his chefs.  Also please pray for my friend and my second Mom growing up (can’t believe I get to spend time with her – Woohoo!!) who will be here with me, helping me with things around the house and with the girls.

Oh, and I’ve just thought of a way to help pay for some medical bills.  In a few weeks I should be able to write a book on how to run a home kitchen like a professional chef.  My husband is amazing, in case you didn’t know. 🙂

Thankful for another day . . .

Psalm 106:1. “Praise the Lord!  Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!”