While I was at the infusion center today. Dr. Otsu came by and turned up the meds in my pain pump as it’s still not quite right. I have a feeling we will be tweaking it a lot as we try and wean off the last 150mcg of Fentanyl patches I still have on my back. I hope it’s worth it in the end!

The pain I’m dealing with right now is from my lung reinflating after we drained it on Friday. (We drained ALOT). The oncologist recommended I drain more often (which I had already figured out) so it won’t have to reinflate as much each time. So we’ll try that. I’ve been struggling to get up to do anything because it hurts to breathe. So I’ve been in bed a lot. But I’ve chatted with friends via text, watched movies, talked with the girls and finished my book. So at least I’m keeping busy.

Summer break is quickly approaching (June 18th) and the girls are very excited to be done with school. I hope the beautiful weather continues!

Not much else is new. Just a quick update for today.