First, if you are having trouble accessing my blog, I’m sorry. I’m working on it. 🙂 Please don’t give up!

Today, Tom and I spent most of the afternoon at Valley talking with an anesthesiologist about getting a pain pump (Intracathecal pump) to handle my pain because of the large amount of pain meds I am on. It would distribute pain meds directly into my spinal fluid at a steady rate and is much more concentrated. So today we learned about the pump and they did a test injection in my lower back to see how my body would respond to the medicine (Dilaudid). I responded well and he thinks I am a good candidate for one. Tom and I will talk about it and we’ll talk with my other doctors and make a decision. It requires a 3-4 hour surgery to implant the pump, but if it controls my pain better, then it’s worth it. (The pump itself is very large….wish I didn’t see it. I’ve been through a lot and not many things freak me out, but it’s about the size of a retainer case (but round). That’s huge!!

So far, my body is still responding well to the new chemo, just a little nausea. My breathing is still very labored when I get up to do something, so I continue to relax in bed or in a chair. I really liked the lift recliner I rented in Florida for our Disney World trip, so we just bought one for our home and I look forward to having something else comfortable to sit in soon! It not only reclines to multiple positions, it helps lift me up to stand.

Thank you for your continued prayer for our family. Please pray for a calm and restful weekend and please pray for wisdom for us as we make a decision about the pain pump. Thanks!