Tom took me to the oncologist today and we have a pain plan to manage all the sores in my mouth and on my lips (which he believes are from radiation).  I am thankful to have a plan!

  • Stop chemo pill until mouth heals, then restart slowly
  • Steroid mouth rinse to help heal sores
  • Lydocaine mouth rinse to numb my mouth
  • Antifungal med for thrush in mouth
  • Better understanding of pain meds and which can be used together
  • 2 hours of fluids via IV on both Tuesday and Thursday this week
  • Continue to drink as much as possible

I’m glad Tom was there to help me talk (it hurts) and for support. I was in so much pain during the appointment, I never could have remembered everything. It’s been a very painful day. Sorry to those of you I have not responded to via text.

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