What a question to ask, right?  Can I hate my port?  Because if that’s ok, I really do.  Especially after today.

For my PET scan, they have to inject me with a radioactive glucose.  Unfortunatly, my port was clogged (UGH!!!!!), so she had to give it to me in my arm.  Not a big deal, except that after the scan, I had to go up to the infusion center and have it declogged.  If I get good news from the Dr. on Friday, I’m ready to be done with this port.  

The scan itself went fine.  It was only 25 minutes long, but for some reason, was very uncomfoprtable this time.  I’m not sure why my shoulders hurt so much, but I was very glad when it was over!

That’s it for today…results of the scan on Friday – apt is at 11:40 and then going out to lunch with Tom. 🙂  I will post Friday evening.