Tonight it is back to reality! We got off the cruise ship yesterday and then went to Disneyland and California Adventure. I feel like the past 2 weeks have been a dream . . . A vacation that we most likely will not ever be able to duplicate again.

Lots of thoughts about the future and what it will be like . . .

  • Has it spread?
  • What will treatment be?
  • Is the suit we bought for Tom to wear on the cruise the one he will wear to my funeral? (We both thought that).

Ugh! It was very hard to get off the ship and hard to be at Disneyland as well. That place is full of so many amazing memories for us a couple!

I miss the girls and look forward to seeing them. But I dread what conversations will have to take place next weekend with them. 🙁

But for today, I’m relaxing in Huntington Beach, spending time with family and then we are flying home tonight.