This is the first Wednesday in a long time I haven’t had to get up and go to chemo.  So instead, I’m sitting/laying around in my bathrobe.  I wish I could say I’ve been celebrating the past few days, but the side effects from my last dose of chemo hit me really hard starting Monday afternoon.  So hard, that I had a to cancel a fun night out with friends and had to call on a friend and my aunt at the last minute to help, because I was so nauseous and weak, I couldn’t take care of the kids and Tom was working and out of town.  I’m out of bed today, but still not able to do much.  What a nice reminder about how horrible chemo really is!  🙁  Boo!!  Glad it’s over!!

We met with the breast surgeon on Monday morning and have a temporary date for my mastectomy of April 14th.  I say temporary, because we have to meet with the plastic surgeon who will be doing the reconstruction on Tuesday and make sure that date will work.  But it will be somewhere around that day.

Tom’s Mom will be flying up and staying with us for a while to help when I’m recovering from surgery.  We are so thankful for this (and are so excited to see her!!!!!!!!)

Nothing else to report.  Time to lay back down for a bit while the girls are at school. 🙂


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