My bone pain from the past couple weeks is gone, which is a praise!    I talked with my oncologist and I’m going to start rotating between the 3 hormone blocking pills and will take one as long as I can and when the side effects are too bad, will take a break til they are gone and then start the next one.  I am thankful for this plan!
Unfortunately, my feet still hurt.  We did an x-ray last week, and there is no sign of arthritis, which is good I guess…but they still hurt.  I am pretty sure it’s peripheral neuropathy as a result of nerve damage from chemo, but before I give in and take the medicine that I think will help, but makes me lose my mind (literally), I’m going to go to a podiatrist and explore some other options.

I put myself on a ketogenic diet for a short time to see if that helps. There is a lot of info online about diet and peripheral neuropathy, but most of it is for diabetics, which I am not. Will you please pray I can resolve this pain without medicine if that is the Lord’s will?  The Gabapentin, which I have taken in the past for neuropathy, really messes with my brain (memory and processing issues), so I really don’t want to take that long term.  However, the pain is making it hard to go to sleep and is starting to effect my physical activity.
We are officially on summer break.  That past day and a half, our home has been full of friends and lots of fun and laughter.  I am so thankful for the chance to stay home with our girls and that I am feeling good enough to enjoy time with them.

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