Hellooooooo from freezing Washington. It’s been a week filled with snow days and late starts for the girls and it’s been nice to have easier mornings this week. 🙂

My new medicine, Piquray, arrives via FedEx on Monday. Without insurance it costs $20,000 a month. My co-pay is $0 – which I guess means I already hit my out of pocket max 16 days into the new calendar year or it’s billed differently than regular prescriptions. I have no idea. I’m just very grateful for insurance!

Anyways….moving on from that ridiculous price….I think I am going to start it Tuesday evening. That gives me 3 days on the half dose during the week and then the first two days of the full dose on the weekend when Tom is home. I’m going to clear my schedule for those first 3 days and have rides arranged for the girls as I’m unsure of how the side effects will hit me. Reading through posts in the Facebook group I found, sounds like this medicine is a pretty tough one. Everyone is different, yet everyone is talking about something hard. I’m pretty scared of it right now.

In preparation for the new medicine, I started taking Zyrtec (in hopes of not getting a bad rash). It turns out that that helps with itching from pain meds! Hooray!!!! My pain has been under control for the most part yesterday and today without itching! I hope it continues to help!

Wednesday morning I met with a christian counselor for the first time. I was encouraged to do so by many different people and finally got to the point where I couldn’t handle much of anything and made an appointment. I am going to be working with Angela Swanson, who I know many of you know. I pray the Lord with use her to help me process through some of the things I am struggling with.

Over the next few days will you pray that my body will respond well to this new medicine, that the side effects will be minimal and that I will not worry about i? Also, please pray for Tom and I as we are still very discouraged and upset about last weeks scan results. We are both pretty depressed and it’s been a very hard week. The unknown weather has made it so he worked locally for a few days this week, so we had a little more time together, which was wonderful!

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