Today turned out nothing like we thought it would.

Originally, Tom was going to go up to Seattle for a couple meetings this morning. Those were rescheduled last night after I was in bed, so I didn’t know that until this morning. It was a nice surprise to find out he would be home all day.

The next unexpected thing was my “visit” to the ER. I put “visit” is quotation marks because I actually was never admitted to the ER.

I was there on the advice of my oncologist. The pain in my lower back and tailbone had become unbearable and the pain was not managed. He said that by going to the ER and being admitted to the hospital, they could figure out the dosing faster, so we would have it correct by our trip.

About 2 1/2 hours into my “visit”, sitting in an extremely uncomfortable wheelchair in the waiting room, my Palliative Care Dr. walked in. We talked for a bit and she did some calculations. She figured out how many fentanyl patches I should need so I don’t have to take the extra 360mg of Oxycodone every day without (which still wasn’t giving me pain relief). She sent the prescription over to the pharmacy next door and Tom came back to get me. When I told the ER I no longer needed to see the Dr. she told me I was just about to be called. Lol.

By the time Tom got back, I had the prescription and a chai tea latte and I was ready to go home! I am so thankful I didn’t have to be admitted to the hospital for a few days!

Because of all this going on, Tom was not able to make the Passover meal he had planned for Good Friday. So we will be combining Good Friday and Easter on Sunday. 🙁

So……totally not the day I thought I was going to have! But I’m thankful to have a pain management plan that I think will work. I should know more tomorrow night and definitely by Sunday night.

I have an appointment with my palliative care Dr. and with my oncologist this week (both are follow-ups), so we can tweak it a little if we need to.

As you pray for our family, will you pray that we will all remain healthy for our trip. Please pray this pain management plan will work. Pray that the shorts and shirts we have ordered for Ashley and Sage will fit. It’s making me nervous. We have a lot coming in the mail! Thanks friends!