The MRI shows a fairly large tumor in L3 (vertebrae in my lower back). The only other scan we could compare it to was one in October and it has grown since then. We don’t know how recent the growth is. There are a bunch of smaller tumors in other vertebraes as well, but the larger one is most likely what is causing the pain. For now we are going to wait on the CT scan on the 23rd to give more clarity.

Today, all we really found out is that there’s not much the back surgeon can do to help my pain. There’s a chance that he might be able to put cement in L-3, but there’s too many other things we need to know first before we make that decision.

I’m trying not to worry about the size of that one tumor. I pray that the growth was from before I started this current chemo pill. So for now I wait, and pray, and wait, and pray….. So thankful for all those verses and songs of encouragement!

They gave me a back brace to see if that will help when I am up and about doing things around the house and walking around.

That’s it for now. ❤️❤️

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