My bone scan results showed what we knew…more growth. Some new growth in my tailbone are, which explains the new pain I have been having.

In other news…we are not going to Hawaii for a few reasons, but the main one being that every activity is based around water and I have a tube coming out of my body and can’t get in water.

So we are going to Disney World, which was our first choice anyways! We booked a 10 day trip and are staying at the Coronado Springs Resort. We booked a casita that has a separate living room so we’ll have plenty of room to rent the recliner or bed I need.

We will go with no expectations except to have fun as a family. I will do what I can and rest as I need to. We will rent a wheel chair and they can take turns pushing me around. Tom and I will be flying in first class and the girls in coach.

So that’s what’s going on. We leave in 2 weeks. The girls need a lot clothes and are excited to shop together. Thanks to those of you who have offered to take them shopping, but they are fine going on their own (and have asked to).

This is a big trip and I’m so excited. Well be moving slowly, but it will still be fun. Please pray we all stay healthy. We are going to keep to ourselves as much as possible for the next couple weeks to help with that!

Will you especially be praying for my emotions on this trip? I never know what little thing is going to hit me. Tonight we were going through all the shoes we had and it looks like all 3 of our girls all wear a size 9 shoe. We’ve always been curious which one will end up being taller. Then I realized I probably will not be alive to see who is the tallest as Ashley is still only 11. I started crying. Why couldn’t I get cancer when the girls were older? I am going to miss out on so much!