I talked with my oncologist on the phone today, instead of having an in-person appointment. To sum it up quickly, I am going to go back on the chemo pill (Piqray) but only a half dose.

My back pain and neck pain are pretty bad. I’m definitely not managing it well with the medicines I’m currently taking. To resolve that, I’m going to double my dose of long acting morphine in the evening. I’m also able to double up on the short acting morphine throughout the day if I need to. I’m also going to add melatonin on top of the sleeping pills I’m taking. I need to get some sleep and not be awake for hours in the middle of the night.

I’m thankful he agrees with me that we should do a scan. It’s been three months of attempting treatments. It’ll give us an idea if that did anything, It will also give us a baseline for this new drug. It’s going to be a CT scan, and I have no idea how far out they are scheduling them right now.

I’m feeling pretty good. Just managing the pain. ❤️

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