The Anesthesiologist that did my surgery, Dr. Otsu, said surgery went well on Tuesday. He is the one who I will be working with to control the medicine in the pain pump. He took off half of my Fentanyl patches during surgery and it took about 24 hours of working with doctors, nurses and pharmacists to get the pain back to where it was manageable. That was a long 24 hours of severe pain!

I messaged my Palliative Care Dr. in the early afternoon. (Her and the ARNP she works with are amazing!) I’m so glad I did. Things moved faster once they were part of it as they are used to dealing with the large amounts of narcotics I am on for pain.

So, I have been in the hospital since surgery on Tuesday. Everyone that has helped me here at Valley has been great. I of course have a few favorites, but I think I am allowed that since I am here for so long. 🙂

The plan right now is to lower my Fentanyl dose a small amount tomorrow when we change the patches and see how that goes. I will be here through the weekend and my chemo is canceled for Monday.

Sorry for not updating sooner. I’m sure you understand why. And sorry if you have texted and I didn’t respond. I have read them all.

Thank you for the offers to help with extra meals and to help with the girls. For now we have what we need and Tom will reach out as needed.

Please pray for all of us as this has been a much harder week than expected. Specifically, please pray for my body as I wean slowly off of the Fentanyl patches and that I won’t have a huge spike in pain or need to use IV pain management. The need for IV pain management is why I need to stay for now.

Please let me know if there is anything specific I can pray for you for.

Thanks for walking this difficult journey with us.