It’s strange being at the infusion center without my port. It’s nice to not have to worry about it being clogged and having to stay longer!

A few weeks ago, I had a tough time having blood drawn for some routine blood tests, so I was not looking forward to that this morning at the infusion center.  The nurse warmed up my arm, used a small needle, and found a good vein right away.  Unfortunatly, the easiest veins to acces are on my left arm, which we are not allowed to use because I had lymph nodes removed.

Anyways….I’m here for my bone strengthening infusion again.  No big deal. 🙂

The blood tests I had a few weeks ago showed that my cholesterol levels are great, but my vitamin D was very low.  Having a vitamin D deficiecy apparantly can cause bone pain.  Hmmmmmm.  Interesting.  Now I am wondering if I was haivng bone pain from the hormone blocking pill or from that.  So I’m on a huge dose of vitamin D for a bit and started up the hormone blocking pill again.  What a journey this is!!

On the 27th, I am heading in for surgery again.  I have some very large uncomfortable scars from the previous surgery on my healthy breast, so the plastic surgeon is going to remove those and then I will have radiation for 3 days on those scars to hopefully prevent them from coming back so large and painful.

Never a dull moment…really…

Oh…and we are now officially parents of a teenager.  Our oldest turned 13 on the 8th.


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