Chemo went well on Monday and the early part of the week I felt pretty good. Wednesday was actually the best day I have had in a long time. I felt great! I had a lot of energy and enjoyed being out of bed. I was careful not to over do it. It was still a relaxing day, but I felt great!

The difference between yesterday (Wednesday) and today is huge. I was tired last night and was asleep by 8. I slept ’til 8:30 this morning and when I woke up, I was so fatigued that even lifting my arm felt like too much work. My body feels very heavy and I’m so weak and tired….the kind of tired that doesn’t get better with rest. Laying down feels like I’m doing too much. It’s a hard thing to explain. I’ve been in bed all day and still feel about the same. My brain feels foggy and i can’t believe it’s already the evening. Where did the day go??

Along with my chemo on Monday, I had my monthly Zometa infusion. The side effects from that might be part of what I’m feeling today. Who knows….

It’s frustrating not knowing how I’m going to feel one day to the next. Yesterday was great! Today was not! All I can do is thank God for the good days, and thank Him for a nice bed to rest in on the hard days.