I am overwhelmed (in a good way) by the prayers, offers to help, cards, emails, texts and gifts from so many of you.  It seriously is like Christmas in my mail box and on the porch!  Thank you!

I am still feeling OK after the chemo yesterday (4 pm).  The nurses say that Day 3 is when the chemo medicine is fully metabolized in my system and it is usually when the side effects kick in.  (That will be tomorrow, the 23rd.)  So far today, I’m just really tired and my mouth is dry.  But I was feeling fine to go to Bible Study this morning (YAY!!!) so I’m thankful for that!

I went in for a white blood cell booster shot today.  It can cause my bones to hurt, so we’ll see about.  The nurse also said the shot would sting going in but it did not. 🙂

It’s so nice to see Tom more and I love hearing him interact with the girls, do morning devotions with the girls, help with AWANA verses, etc.  Now we just need to make sure he has enough time to work!!



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