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While there are some things I am happy about returning (like summer), bone pain is not one of them.  And it’s been back for the past week.  It’s been bad enough that I’ve taken Tramadol twice, which I hate doing because of the side effects.

For the past month, I’ve also been having pain in my feet.  I didn’t injure them and the pain comes and goes.  Nothing seems to make it better or worse (rest, physical therapy exercises, wearing supportive shoes all the time, etc.).  The pain is gradually getting worse and this morning, I cut my workout short because of it.  

My oncologist suggests having Dr. Macabee (GP) test my vitamin B12 and folic acid.  He said that other problems that can cause nerve symptoms can re-awake the old symptoms.  I have an apt. on Friday with her.  Dr. Macabee also mentioned a nerve conduction study.  So we’ll see what comes of that on Friday.

It’s hard not to be discouraged and so hard not to worry.  What if the cancer has spread to the bones again?  Maybe I’m just getting old.  Only the Lord knows and I will continue to take my worries to Him as we await answers.

I’m surviving the end of the school year (6 more days) and am thankful for the sun and the chance for the girls to play outside as that makes the afternoon/evenings easier.  6 more days….

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