I’ve taken the half dose of the chemo pill for about 2 weeks now. The side effects are under control, for the most part. It still seems pretty tough on my body, but for now, it’s tolerable, since we are stuck at home anyways!

Tuesday, I had my monthly infusion and shots. I’m always a bit wiped out from those. Today, the upper part of my behind is numb. The shot on the left side hurt going in and felt a little different. I think she might have been a little father over than normal and got close to a nerve. It’s not really painful, it just feels different than it normally does.

My pain is mostly under control. I just have to be very careful in what I do. If I do anything for more than 5 minutes (cook, clean, laundry, organize) my back really hurts, even all on the meds. Some days I just push through because I want to do something and feel productive. Other days I don’t. I’m getting better about asking the girls to do stuff around the house. It’s good for them and they have plenty of time!

I feel a little drugged up from the morphine and I know it makes me very tired. I have a hard time having a conversation on the phone or via zoom for a long time. My brain just kind of goes to mush and I need a break. I’m not feeling anxious and I’m not struggling with worrying. I’m am very thankful for that and I know that’s one of the side effects of all the meds.

Online school has increased a little for the girls this week, but we still have a lot of free time, and we are feeling pretty lazy! We are still tackling some small organizational projects and doing chores. We just have lot of time. I’m not complaining….it’s such a strange time we are living in.

Thank you for continuing to check in and pray for us. We are thankful Tom still has a job and that we are all staying healthy here in our home.

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