I guess it’s better to be recovering, than waiting for a procedure, but I feel like surgery and recover (x3) is all I’ve done the past 2 months.

This recovery is by far the easiest of the 3.  I was able to go to both church and the girls’ piano recital on Sunday.  (The rest of the day I rested.)

My bloating is better today, although I can only wear knit skirts until the rest of the swelling and bloating go down.  I’m trying to eat only enough to be content, as eating seems to make it worse.  As far as the pain, I only took Ibuprofen yesterday (no Vicodin) and today I have not needed anything for pain.  I’m very thankful for that!  The incision in my bellybutton is sore if I touch it, but if I’m just sitting here, I don’t really notice it.

I have a couple more days to rest but by Thursday, I have to be able to shuttle kids around as Thursday and Friday are busy with the girls. 🙂  Never a dull moment here!

In other news, I’ve been taking Vitamin B Complex every morning and it’s helping my neuropathy.  I still have it occasionally, but not enough for me to be willing to take a medicine for it.  We’ll see how that goes as time goes on.

Tom’s eye is doing much better, although it’s still very sensitive to light. 🙂

Thanks for praying with us.  We have so much to be thankful for!