I had the pleasure yesterday of enjoying lunch with a sweet friend and then meeting one of my MOPS mentor moms who has previously been through breast cancer. She was so encouraging and had some great suggestions for dealing with chemo. Oh, and we talked about cruises. I’m ready to be back on a ship. Anyone want to join me?

Also, the news is out. . . Sent out a big email yesterday, posted on Facebook today, posted on my blog today. . . Sigh of relief.

It’s really amazing to have your in box flooded with messages from friends, old and new. It was hard to scroll through my contact list yesterday and see the names of all the people who I would be telling with just one click of a button. Then to enjoy the sweet notes, verses, songs of encouragement, gifts, chats with parents, aunts, my second parents from growing up, friends from childhood and friends from just a few months. Seriously, it’s fun. (Well except for the part where we are talking about cancer.)

Why is it that we all don’t do that more often? We all get so busy with life and except for the occasional FB comment or email, lose touch with good friends. None of us mean to do it, but it happens. There are so many people I miss and would love to see!!

I commented to my friend Jen today that we should all have our funerals before we die, when we are healthy. Doesn’t that make more sense? My Mom would have LOVED her funeral. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much on the night of her memorial service from all the sweet family and friends who gathered to celebrate her life, without her. Why do we do that? If it looks like I’m getting close to dying, someone please throw me a party, call it some fun name, invite everyone I know and let me enjoy it. Don’t wait ’til I’m gone! 🙂

On another note . . .

I had an echocardiogram today. Just a check of my heart before they start the chemo. No pain (YAY!).

I also got a prescription for a cranial prosthesis AKA wig – lol – who knew there was a prescription for that! So I will be looking into that before I lose my hair (which the Dr. said would happen soon.) I also got my first hat and signed up for a makeup class on December 7th.