I’m not asking for much. I just want to be able to go the mall and find summer clothes with my girls. That’s a normal mom thing. Our girls have grown so much the past few months! It’s crazy. Two are in desperate need of clothes and shoes.

We have ordered a ridiculous amount of things online but very few fit. Amazon and the UPS Store must love all our returns. The mall was the next choice.

Sage drove us there and I made it through one store and was fighting back tears because of the back pain. And that’s with extra morphine and 2 diclofenac patches on my back, both which I don’t normally use at home.

A few hours before we left I thought about calling a friend to go with us. I wish I would have, or have Tom come.

So for now, Ashley and Sage are shopping with the credit card……that could be dangerous. ❤️ We are only 4 months away from Sage being able to drive on her own, so I guess this is good practice! They are fine and very capable shoppers, I just want to shop with them. ❤️ Molly is hanging out with me on some comfy chairs we found.

Please pray I can get an MRI on my lower back quickly and that there would be something they can do for the pain besides increasing the medicine dosage. And please pray for my mom heart as I am very discouraged. I love this time of year with our girls and don’t want to be stuck in bed with pain!

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