Between the girls and I, I have been to 16, yes 16, medical appointments this month!  I’m done with October!

I am happy to say I am currently not on any medication!  It’s a nice break.  I know I will be going back on a new hormone blocking pill in early November, but for now, I’m am thankful to just be taking vitamins!

The neuropathy in my feet is still gone for the most part.  I have an occasional pain, but they are very rare.  So, I ordered a few more pairs of Protalus insoles so I don’t have to keep moving the one pair I have.  🙂  I am thankful to have found a solution, at least for now, that is not a medication!  Woohoo!!

I met with my new plastic surgeon today (Dr. Briscoe).  (The previous one that did my implant has since retired.)  I liked her a lot and we had a good conversation about my foob.  Since radiation is the gift that keeps on giving, the skin has changed and morphed and is odd looking, even with clothes on (depending on the outfit).  She said she feels the implant is a bit to narrow and with the way the skin has changed from radiation, she recommends that I see the surgeons up at the University of Washington about taking the fat from my stomach area and using that to form a foob and ditching the implant.  She feels that is the best route to go as it doesn’t mess with muscles and tends to help the radiated skin heal with good fat underneath it.  She said it would probably help with the range of movement or lack there of in my left arm/shoulder as well.  I only know a bit about this procedure, but plan on looking into it.

Happy Monday!  🙂


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