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I had my post-op appointment with the plastic surgeon yesterday and the first thing they did was remove my drain!  Thank goodness!!  It’s so nice to be able to shower and not have to worry about wearing shirts that hide the lumpy drain.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting to come out of surgery looking worse that I did when I went in.  I am more misshapen now than I was with the expander fully filled.  There is too much skin now and a pucker in the top.  So there’s more work to be done, but I guess it will have to wait ’til after radiation.  I go back in in 3 weeks to talk about future plans.

Since I’m going to be this “shape” for a bit, I went and was fitted for a couple bras with Lisa at Nordstrom (the same woman who helped me get set up before surgery.)  It’s nice to not be wearing a surgical camisole now.  4 of the past 6 weeks I have had to wear that thing to hold one or more drains.  I am very thankful I had it, I am so glad it’s now up on the shelf in my closet!


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