I spent part of the morning on the phone with the orthopedic surgeon and his office. I didn’t think I would know any results from the MRI to my appointment a week from today. I was so happy to get his phone call this morning.

The MRI shows the one big compression fracture that I know is causing pain, but no other fractures. It also shows cancer in other vertebrae, but we already knew about those.

The good news is that he can put cement in the fracture to help with the pain. It’s called Verterbroplasty. Since cancer has eaten away at the bone, the bone cannot heal as it needs to, so that leaves a hole in the bone that is very fragile. The cement will stabilize it and hopefully get rid of a lot of the pain I’m having.

They’re hoping to be able to schedule the surgery for next week, but have to submit it to insurance for approval first.

I am so thankful that the Lord allowed us to find out this information so quickly.

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