It’s hard waking up in the morning, not knowing if it’s going to be a good or bad day physically. Yesterday was a good day. I was able to do a few things around the house and play a few games. It was different and nice. The day before and today I’m more tired and have a little pain, even with pain meds. I know this is not unlike many of your lives….some days are better than others. That’s just how life is.

This week we’ve had a break from appointments which has been very nice. I’ve been really productive this week. I got our Christmas cards ready and mailed out. I think I finished our Christmas shopping. (I’m very thankful to be able to shop for gifts sitting at home in my comfortable chair.) I’ve organized some things on the computer, finished a Bible Study up with a friend and decided on which one to start next. I’ve played quite a few rounds of Monopoly Deal with Ashley which has been a lot of fun. I’ve scanned paperwork from my In Box to be filed away soon. All of things are great. However, the best thing of all….are you ready for this????? I SHAVED MY LEGS! Yes you read that correctly. That was the highlight of my week!

Shaving deserves it’s own paragraph! With a catheter coming out of my abdomen, I have to shower very carefully so it’s impossible for me to shave in the shower, and baths are not an option. While I have lost most of the hair on my head, eyebrows and eyelashes, the hair on my legs is growing strong! Lol! It finally occurred to me that I could buy an electric razor. Duh. So I did a little research on Amazon and had one here the next day. I put on a Christmas movie and shaved! What a difference. I feel so much more lady like. Lovely!

You’re welcome for all of that information about shaving. 🙂 I’m sure you had that at the front of your mind wondering what I was doing about that….(gosh I hope not!)

I’m still struggling with looking in the mirror at myself, so I am going to try really hard to get dressed every day and put some concealer on to hide the dark circles under my eyes. I’ve gotten in the habit of lounging around in pj’s or sweats and I feel so lazy….not that I have much energy to do anything, but maybe that will help!

The girls are busy doing school from 9-2:30 each day in different rooms of the house. Some days are better than others for that as well.

Tom has his office set up in the garage. COVID continues to make it very difficult for restaurants to stay in business. Tom and his team are working hard, but I can tell it’s very hard on him (and every other restaurant). With the girls doing school all around the house, he chose to make an office in the garage. He made himself a tall desk and got a high chair so he can either sit or stand to work. When the weather was warmer, he would often take meetings on his phone while walking around the neighborhood if he didn’t need to be in front of the computer. It’s pretty cold in the garage, but he leaves a tiny heater on and that seems to make it manageable. Eventually we’d like to paint the garage, put in some insulation and make it more of a room to use. There is a workout area and an art area out there right now along with his office, but it doesn’t look very nice. We’ll get to that project one day………….maybe.

That’s what’s been going on around here this week. 🙂

Next week the only appointment I have is my Chemo and Zometa infusions on Monday. Hooray! It’s also the last week of school before Christmas break. I know the girls are excited about that!

Thank you for continuing to send encouraging texts, emails and cards. And the meals on Mondays and Tuesdays….those are so helpful! One thing about that though….and I hope it’s OK that I say this…if you are not local and would like to send us a meal, please reach out to me directly or to my friends in charge of the meal plan (Lauren and Debbie – contact info is at the top of the sign-up page). We’d prefer you to not send a meal through that website. It’s very expensive. (Thank you to those that have done that. We really appreciate it. We just hate that the website charges so much.) And please don’t take this as a plea for meals. Friends and family have asked for ways to help and this is just one way. No pressure at all….please, please, please don’t take it that way! 🙂

Well, I’ve been up for about 2 hours now, so I guess it’s time I get ready and try and do a few things before the kids are done with school in an hour! Thank you for continuing to pray for our family. If there is any way I can pray for you, please email or text me. I would love to pray for you.

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