I’m happy to report that after all the creams I have tried, I have something that really helps my irritated skin.  It’s called Mepilex and it’s a bandage that’s just sticky enough to stay on the skin, but doesn’t harm it.

I’m wearing 2 of them – one on my collar bone and one over the incision and skin under my foob (fake boob).  The area under my foob is still being treated, but I’m hoping that it won’t get much worse from the last 3 treatments. It makes it so the seatbelt doesn’t hurt my collar bone as much when I’m driving and also so I can wear a bra most of the day.  Lol – probably too much information for some of you…sorry!  🙂

The skin on my collar bone is now peeling as it heals.  Yuck!  My foob and arm pit are turning this ugly brownish gray color.   The skin just under my foob has now turned from red to purple and is very sore.  Oh, and my foob is polka dotted because the pores on my skin are very visible and dark.  I really like polka dots…but not on my body.  Lovely!

No way to really hide the mepilex bandage...oh well. Not fashionable, but if it makes it's so I'm not going out of my mind, I don't care!!

No way to really hide the mepilex bandage…oh well. Not fashionable, but if it makes it so I’m not going out of my mind, I don’t care!!

Fatigue has set in a little, but since I have only 3 MORE TREATMENTS LEFT, I guess I can’t complain. Alright, I’ll complain a little.  I’m tired and resting doesn’t help. 🙂

Moving on…

Today, I had Eric take my picture on the table just before they left the room to zap me.  This machine seriously looks like some sort of space contraption.  There is a metal plate they put on the bottom of it that’s in the perfect shape to just hit the area around both of my scars.  Unfortunately, I do not get to keep it as a souvenir as they melt it down to use for the next person.  🙁  After I’m lined up, they also place a piece of ballistic gel over me and tape it down so it doesn’t more.  (I don’t think it’s called ballistic gel, but I call it that, probably because I’ve watched too many episodes of Mythbusters.)

20160802_103702 (Small)

View of the gel think taped to me…

20160802_103717 (Small)

Don’t I look comfortable?? At least there is no snorkel this round!!

As treatment comes to an end this week, please for strength for me to get through it and for my emotions as it comes to an end.  I feel like I could cry at any moment.  Thanks!