Me again…haven’t posted in a while…because not much is going on cancer wise.  However, since I so brilliantly titled the blog, “Leaving Cancer Behind,” a friend mentioned that I could just write about what life looks like with cancer treatments behind me (mostly).  So I guess that’s the plan for now.

But before I write about life, here’s my cancer/health updates:

  • I cancelled my Oncology apt. a few weeks ago since things are going fine.    I have occasional bone and joint pain, which I hate, but there’s nothing the oncologist can do about that so I just deal with it and try not to complain. 🙁
  • I’ve decided to look for a new plastic surgeon.  I’m still having some issues with the scars on my healthy breast and want to get a second opinion on what I should do.
  • I know I go back and forth, but I gave up on growing my hair out.  I can’t deal with the awkward stage.
  • PT is helping my back.  Last week I started to wean myself off the Gabapentin (nerve meds.) and the pain came back and my general practitioner referred me to a spine specialist.  I saw him today and he said I’m on the right road to recovery.  He recommended weaning off the Gabapentin when I am feeling good enough to stop physical therapy.  He didn’t think surgery would be necessary.
  • My memory is HORRIBLE!  🙁

Now life…

  • We have 3 kids…I’m so busy!  When they are at school I’m running around to PT, doing laundry, running errands, cleaning, organizing, etc. before the girls get home.
  • I’ve started driving our oldest to school as she was getting motion sick on the bus.  Goodbye 1 1/2 hours of my day which is now spent in the car and waiting at the school.  IO’m glad I’m able to do it, but I do notice I’m getting less done at home because of it.
  • School is out in 3 days.  We are looking forward to going away for the weekend as a family and celebrating the beginning of summer and Father’s Day.  Then VBS starts, our oldest goes to camp 2 x times and hopefully we’ll get some warmer weather so we can enjoy being outside!  I’m hoping things slow down a bit and we can all relax…maybe even have a little less drama…but with 3 girls I’m not sure that will ever happen.
  • Parenting is SO HARD.  I’m emotionally exhausted at the end of every day.  I doubt myself and my parenting choices on a daily basis, wondering if I’m doing the right thing.  Knowing when to give grace and when to ask them to push through is a hard call.  And it seems so rare that all 3 are content at the same time and that’s very tiring.  I am hoping that a more relaxed summer where we don’t have as many commitments will help, but only time will tell.  Parenting is consuming the majority of my life right now and God instruction to, “Pray without ceasing” has never been more real in my life than now.  (Even more so that when I was in the midst of chemo.)  I’m constantly asking the Lord for wisdom and grace as I parent,.
  • Our oldest started the 2 year orthodontist process.  It’s been pretty traumatic.  Having never had orthodontic work done myself, I’m learning a lot.  It’s been a very hard and emotional week.  🙁
  • Tom’s job is going well.  He is continuing to work on the infrastructure of the restaurants so that future openings (which are going to happen rapidly in a few months) will go smoothly.  He is still off on weekends and is often home for dinner 1 or 2 nights a week, which is a nice change from when he was working as a chef.

That’s about it for now.  As I’ve said before, thank you so much for your support and for praying for our family.  If I can pray for you in some way, please send me an email, text or call me. 🙂



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