Quick update tonight…

Hooray! Radiation is over. It has definitely helped the pain in my sternum, as I can now lay down for a while and not be in severe pain. However, it looks like I have traded that pain for pain in my esophagus. It now is very painful to eat or during anything, even water. I spoke with the radiation oncologist and he prescribed a compound medicine which they mixed for me today that I can take before I eat to help numb my esophagus and make it so it is not quite as painful. Hopefully the pain will last less than a week.

My shot was not too painful and I’m glad the first one is over. Now, I am praying for minimal side effects.

Thursday is the day I plan to start the chemo pills.

Yesterday and today, Christy and Linda went with me to radiation and lunch and it was nice to have company. 🙂

It’s 5:24 and feels like 9:24….oh the silly time change and being tired. I’ll try and stay awake for a bit. 🙂

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