I’ve spent most of the day in bed sleeping on and off. The last week and a half I’ve noticed my shoulders, upper spine and neck have been hurting. It started when we were at Disneyland. I didn’t mention it to my other colleges last week because I figured was just from being a super active on vacation. It was worse yesterday and really bad this morning, bad enough that I didn’t feel like I could drive safely as it’s hard to turn my neck and I stayed home from church. I called the oncologist on call and he told me how much Tylenol with codeine to take and then to move to oxycodone if I needed to. He said if that didn’t touch the pain, I needed to go to the ER. Two Tylenol with codeine helped a little and I can at least lay in bed and move my head a little without major pain. I usually just take half of a pill, so it’s quite a bit more than normal.

This morning I was wondering if maybe it was a pinched nerve, but the doctor said since I didn’t have any shooting pain radiating anywhere, that wasn’t likely. I’ve been really anxious the past few days with the scans coming up and I’m pretty scared right now. Hopefully it’s just some wonky thing that will resolve itself in a day or two.

Please pray the pain will subside enough that I can lower the amount of medicine I have to take and that I can get out of bed. I also really need to be able to drive this week.

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