Over the past 4 1/2 months, I’ve done a pretty good job of physically hiding the true “look” of chemo.  There were only a few days I didn’t put makeup on and I hid my hair or lack there of, with a hat and a wig.  The friends and family that helped in our home, saw me without a hat, but whenever I went out of the house, my head was covered.   Besides Tom and the girls, Christy and Sarah are the only ones who saw the true chemo “look” as they were at our home in early morning before I got ready.  Until today . . .

Today, I thought I’d make a short video and show you all the faces of chemo.  With all the poison being pumped into your body during chemo, it’s only natural that it takes a toll on your physical appearance.  I’ve never been one to leave the house without makeup, and during chemo was no exception.  I did everything I could to physically hide that I was sick.

Many of you have told me how good I look and how I don’t look sick.  Thank you.  That means I’ve been successful in hiding my true chemo appearance.  Wednesday was my last chemo and I’m in the middle of dealing with side effects.  So while I’m done (YAY!!!), I don’t feel like it yet, as I’m still really tired and starting to take my pain meds so I can get through the weekend.

In the video are my 3 chemo looks . . . the true one is in the middle, so beware. 🙂


Thank you Clinique and other makeup companies who help me look like I’m not a cancer patient going through chemo.  I am very thankful for you!

So much to be thankful for!