I am scheduled for a CT scan tomorrow (Tuesday) at 1 pm, as long as my insurance has approved it by then. We have new insurance and this is my first scan with them, so I’m not sure how quickly they approve things. Plus, nothing is normal right now, anywhere!!

I am on a half dose of the Piqray chemo pill and my body hasn’t tolerated it very well. I’ve had severe nausea and thrown up twice. Apparently throwing up because of chemo is worse than just regular throwing up, at least in my opinion. My throat was pretty burned and messed up from it for a few days. I’m taking 2 different anti-nausea meds to help. I’m struggling to eat anything because nothing tastes right. I am making myself eat some, but it’s hard. We love food. Tom is home cooking every meal. I should be gaining weight from eating too much. Instead, I’m struggling to get enough calories in.

Please pray the scan will be approved by tomorrow at 10:45 when we need to leave for the scan! Thanks!

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