The CT results from the radiologist were in My Chart about an hour after I got home on Wednesday. I didn’t need to Google anything to get the jist of it. The cancer has spread.

We talked to my oncologist on Friday afternoon to make sure we understood it correctly and to talk about treatment options.

I have a bone scan on Tuesday which will show more of where the active cancer is in the bones. But the CT shows that cancer has pretty much taken over my spine.  The spots on my lungs have grown and there are a couple new spots.  The spot on my liver has grown as well. The scan also showed a lot of stool built up, so there’s that to deal with. So fun….

So what are we going to do? 

We are going to go to Hawaii!

Tomorrow, Tom will talk to his work and then I’m going to get on the phone and book an amazing vacation for our family to Hawaii. We are hoping to stay at the Disney Aluani. I’ll look into renting a recliner to sleep in and get a wheelchair to get around in.

We’ll talk to the girls’ teachers and pull them out for a week, probably the week after spring break.  This is all guessing at this point until I make some calls tomorrow.  Our original plan was Disney World….that was always our plan.  But COVID happened and now my body can’t handle that trip.  So Hawaii is my next choice.

As far as treatment, I’ll move on to the next chemo, which sounds horrible, but I’m not ready to stop trying yet.  The oncologist says that he would give the rest of the treatment options about a 20% chance of working, just like the last few I have tried. That’s discouraging, but 20% is better than 0%. Plus, my days are in the Lord’s hands. 20 is just a number.

So how am I doing with this news?  I’m discouraged.  My body is tired and I have been sleeping a lot the past couple days.  This is all part of God’s plan and I know He will continue to be with me through this next round of chemo.

Tom is amazing and so supportive.  I know this is so hard for him.  The girls understand what is going on.  They see me in bed most of the time.  some days are easier than others. We are all just taking one day at a time and trusting God and that His will would be done in all of our lives.

Thanks for praying with us.