Another chemo is done and it was again, uneventful.  I slept most of the time as I was very tired and a bit achy today.  I also took a couple small naps today and laid down until the kids got home from school.

There was not much new news at my Dr. appointment yesterday.  The tumor seemed about the same size.  After Tom and I coordinate a couple calendar items, I can call the breast surgeon and get that appointment set up to talk about surgery.  We are hoping to schedule surgery the week after Spring Break (April 11- 15).   I also have an appointment on March 25th to hear the results of my pet scan which should be done a few days prior to that.

After surgery and possible radiation, it looks like I will be getting a shot every three months to shut down my ovaries.  That, along with a pill, will stop the production of estrogen in my body, which feeds the cancer.  So here comes menopause.  Yay!  We are leaning toward this option instead of surgery.  Neither one is better than the other as far as prolonging my life.

In other news . . .

Tom is back from a week long trip to Fort Collins, Colorado where helped kick off new restaurant training.  He said is was a good week, but we are very glad to have him back home!

While he was gone, Sarah, Marcia, Christy and Aunt Patti (and Uncle Chuck) took very good care of us.  Extra meals were brought by Christina, Patty and Jenae so that was one less thing to worry about.  Amanda, Chris and Dorothy came and cleaned our home again on Monday.  We are vey well taken care of.  What an amazing community of friends I have who are willing to help us during this difficult time!

As you pray for our family, please pray for:

  • The week to go by fast.  I’m ready to be done!!
  • I’m starting to wonder what next month will be like after chemo is over.  Please pray I will continue to live one day at a time and not worry about that!
  • Tom as he balances his job and taking care of us at home.

So much to be thankful for . . .