I am very tired, overwhelmed and not feeling very good tonight, but I found out info. about treatment next week so here is a quick update.

I had my 6th day of radiation today and it was a rough day. The side effects have started – fatigue and heartburn/strange feeling in my chest. I had a lot of pain in my chest last night and didn’t sleep well. I ended up taking more pain meds today than normal to get through the day.

Mid afternoon I got information about treatment that will start next week. I’m trying not to think about it much because I’m scared about the side effects and how my body is going to respond. Radiation side effects will continue to get worse over the next couple weeks and now we are going to 2 more drugs on top of it. 🙁 The cupboard in my kitchen where keep Tylenol, vitamins and daily meds is overflowing. I just want to cry when I open it. It needs to be organized, but I’m too tired right now. (Which is so unlike me to leave something unorganized.)

Monday, my chemo pills (Verzenio) will be delivered by Fed Ex and I will have to be home to sign for them. They are no cost to me because we have hit my max out-of-pocket with our insurance this year, but I asked the cost out of curiosity….$12,000 for a 28 day supply. Oh my….so very thankful for our insurance! I will have Imodium and Zofran on hand to help with the side effects if needed. I have to wash my hands before and after touching the pill. No one who would like to become pregnant can touch it. Tom can touch it with gloves. Great. 🙁

Tuesday, I will have my final radiation and then go back at 2:30 to the infusion center for my Fulvestrant shot. This shot will block any estrogen in my body. I will get the shot twice in November and then once a month after that.

On a non-cancer related note, I also have an appointment with a podiatrist on Wed. for an ingrown toenail. I was hoping to get it taken care of before all of this started….we’ll see what happens with that.

Not sure how to ask for help or prayer, but the Lord knows.

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